If Monday were a Person

Monday is the emo child in my group of friends. They are always bitter and angry no matter what day of the week it is. They are unhappy with the world and everyone figures it’s because they have to wake up at five in the morning every morning to go to work. They just want to sleep, especially when they decide to party with Friday and end up with a hangover.

However, Monday is a loyal friend. If someone said anything about their friends, they will mess them up in the ugliest way possible. No one messes with Monday and their friends.

Monday is full of snark and sarcastic comments. When they smile, a unicorn appears. That’s how rare it is. Sure, they hate life at the moment, but they just need a little bit of love to get through the day.

  • Favorite song: The Black Parade

  • Favorite color: Red

  • Favorite hobby: zzzzzzzz

  • Favorite show: Law and Order

  • Siblings: None

  • Best friend: Saturday and Sunday

  • Favorite movie: Wanted (relatable)

  • Favorite drink: Coffee

  • Favorite book: Stephen King books

  • Makeup: Eyeliner and under eye concealer

  • Sexuality: Nah fam

  • Gender: Nonbinary

  • Addiction: Caffeine

  • Favorite food: leftovers (probably something that thursday brought or Sunday cooked)

  • Occupation: Accountant

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