Chronicle: Chapter 2

“Dahlia, where the hell are you? What’s going on! Why can’t I contact anyone?!” Dahlia laughed and squealed slightly.

“Yay! It worked! Chill out, Kam. Let me explain.” I looked toward the dressing rooms, where Cher was trying on a shirt that she saw, then towards the men’s clothing section, where Steve stood looking for shoes, then moved into an aisle.

“Alright, quickly. What the hell was that ring and what did it do to me? Why am I shopping with one of my favorite actors right now?!”

“Surprise! My grandmother is a witch. I told her to make you something that would make your dreams come true. You like it?”

“Like it?! How the hell….”

“Hold on, give me a second.”

“A second to do what?” I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see Dahlia, herself, smirking. I gasped in shock and threw myself onto her, hugging her tightly. She laughed and hugged me back.

“Hey, girl. I see you like your present?”

“How the hell did you get here!? What is going on?” She showed me her ring and I rolled my eyes. “Of course.”

“Listen, I have a house here with my grandma. She decided to come with me. You said that you loved this movie and I wanted you to enjoy it in a different way. You said that you wanted to be in it.”

“We are in the freaking movie, Dahlia! I meant that I wanted to hang out with them and be an actress, not in the actual movie!”

“What movie?” Steve questioned behind me. I jumped slightly while Dahlia smiled at him.

“Geeze, Steve, you scared me. Um… it’s a movie that Dahlia is making for YouTube. Dahlia this is Steve, Steve this is Dahlia. She is my… stepsister. She wanted to surprise me by…uh…moving here. She was just telling me that our parents were in Italy for a business trip.” Dahlia shook Steve’s hand while the two stared at each other. Steve stared in awe while Dahlia stared in shock. I just gave them weird looks realizing that neither of them were listening.

“Guys!” I clapped in front of their faces and they blinked away before looking away from each other awkwardly. Cher came back and stood to my other side.

“The shirt fits, I think I will get it.” She then looked at Dahlia. “Oh, hello. I’m Cher, Steve’s mother.” She smiled as she and Dahlia shook hands.

“I’m Dahlia, Kam’s stepsister. I wanted to surprise her since we knew she was here and our grandmother lives out here. She must’ve gotten lost trying to find her house. We actually decided to finish school out here since our parents are on a business trip.” You are one smooth liar, Dahlia.

We all talked for a minute or two before deciding to go to a restaurant after paying for all of our items. We ate and talked and laughed, Dahlia and I making up our story as we went. By the time it hit nine o’clock we decided to go back to the Montgomery household to get my stuff.

“Thank you for letting me stay. It was a lot of fun.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Steve said pulling me into a hug. “It was fun having a little sister for a couple of days. Come back whenever you want.” I smiled and headed back to Dahlia’s car where she was waiting for me.

“See you at school!” I said over my shoulder. He waved at the two of us as the car drove off.

As we pulled up to the school, I huffed in annoyance. Dahlia glanced at me as she parked in a spot. “Why so huffy?” she questioned with a small chuckle. I glared at her.

“First of all, we had to wake up at five o’clock in the morning to go to one of the most despised places that I would ever have to encounter,” she started laughing while we slumped out of the car. “Second, I graduated already in our world and was not intended on coming back to high school anytime soon, and now I have to go through all of this crap again. And third, you woke me up at five in the frickin’ morning.” Dahlia shrugged at me while we threw our bags over our shoulders and started into the school.

“Well, I apologize. But, the only way to get out of this world…” I pulled her away from someone that was about to bump into her and closer to me so she could whisper. “The only way to get back home is if we go through the entire movie alive.” I glared at her again. “I’m so sorry.”

“So if we die here…”

“We die at home.”

“You really had to send us into a really dangerous movie, didn’t you?”

“I’m sorry,” she repeated. I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose in slight frustration.

“It’s okay,” I said with a smile to cheer her up. “This is definitely the best present that anyone has ever given me, especially when they had to go through all of this trouble for me.” She smiled and we hugged before the two of us were engulfed into even bigger arms.

“Group hug with my two best friends!” Steve said. We giggled as he pulled away and his girlfriend approached us.

“Come on, Steve! We need to hand out fliers!” Steve shrugged at the two of us before heading off with her. I rolled my eyes as she ran up to someone holding a camera….someone holding a frickin’ camera….SHE RAN UP TO FRICKIN’ ANDREW DETMER! THE ONLY GUY PROBABLY IN THE ENTIRE SCHOOL HOLDING A FRICKIN’ CAMERA!

I froze in my spot next to Dahlia as she looked pointedly at me. She knew that I had a thing for Dane Dehaan. He was attractive in my eyes no matter what people said, and I was very sad when his character was treated like a pile of crap, and I thought that if I could be in this movie, I would be determined to be his friend. After I was able to stop staring at his cute dimples and beautiful eyes of course.

I saw someone’s fingers snapping in my line of vision and started blinking. My eyes started to water a little bit and I realized that my contacts had started to dry out. “Aww, you’re crying at his beauty.” I punched Dahlia in the arm as she laughed.

“Shut up, let’s get to class.”

“Sure, Ms. Goo-Goo eyes.”

The bell rang and we all started heading to class. I looked down at my schedule and huffed. Great! I have math in the morning (Note: the sarcasm)! My schedule was suddenly on the ground along with my body. I blew my long wavy hair out of my face and grabbed my schedule from the ground.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized with the stranger at the same time he did. I looked up and froze for the second time staring at the most beautiful blue eyes that I have ever seen. Dane (Andrew) had his camera pointed at me as he stared at me as well.

The moment passed before we looked away from each other. “Um, yeah. I’m really sorry.”

“No, it’s my fault,” he said. I looked down at my shoes, suddenly really shy.

“I’m Kamrynn.” I held out my hand for him to shake while I stared at the camera. He shook it.

“A-Andrew.” I tilted my head in confusion, pretending that I didn’t know what the camera was for. “I-I’m filming everything…in my life now.” I nodded slowly in understanding before giving him a small smile.

“It was nice meeting you, but I have to get going to class. I’ll see you around.” I walked passed him, feeling his eyes on me every move I made. I turned around and winked at him just for shits and giggles before turning the corner and going to attempt to find my class. Dang it, I should have asked him where this guy’s class was.

I was walking aimlessly in the halls for a good three minutes as they cleared and only a couple of people were still around. I huffed for the third time that day before walking up to a random student and tapping him on the shoulder. He turned and I had to keep from gasping.

ALEX RUSSEL! ALEX RUSSEL! BREATHE, KAMRYNN, BREATHE! I took a deep breath to calm my quickly beating heart. “Um…hi,” I stuttered, my voice wavering a little bit. Way to not make it awkward.

“Hi?” Matt questioned. I stared at him for another second or two before shaking my head.

“Uh, can you help me find this class? Room 158?” I handed him my schedule and he looked at it for a couple of seconds.

“Yeah, we have the same class. Come on, I’ll take you.” I sighed in relief and we smiled at each other.

“Thank you. I think I’ve been walking around for forever now.” He chuckled a little bit in amusement before he pushed open a door, motioning for me to go through in front of him.


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