Chronicle: Chapter 5

“Kam?” I frowned at the sound. “Kamrynn, get up.” I pulled my covers over my head. “Kamrynn Lin Maklane, get your butt out of bed, something weird is going on!” I chucked my pillow at the source of the noise. “Don’t say my full name like that,” I mumbled. I felt something soft start to […]

Chronicle: Chapter 4

“So, how do I look?” I turned to find Dahlia wearing a short black dress, her haired curled to frame her face beautifully, bracelets, and some nude colored heels. I nodded in appreciation. She looked amazing. She was always the hot friend, no lie. I didn’t care too much about it though. If she looked […]

The Chronicles of Thomas Mars: Wasteland Adventurer!

He clutched the small pistol to his chest, hiding behind a column forming the entrance to a pre-war bank. His heart raced and blood poured from the gash that appeared on his thigh, as he sat and listened to the unrelenting hail of lead and barking maniacal laughter on the other side of the column […]

Cigarettes and Coffee

This is a story based off of Otis Redding’s Cigarettes and coffee. I highly recommend listening to it while you read, or at least before you do. I sit outside the door to the apartment, sore, cold, and tired. I press my head to the door and close my eyes, feeling the flaking paint and wood […]

Chronicle: Chapter 3

“Lunchtime,” I muttered to myself as I gathered my books after my English class. Dahlia giggled next to me while we headed out of the classroom. We followed the other students out through the back door and towards the football field. There were some cheerleaders practicing in front of it and out of the corner […]

Chronicle: Chapter 2

“Dahlia, where the hell are you? What’s going on! Why can’t I contact anyone?!” Dahlia laughed and squealed slightly. “Yay! It worked! Chill out, Kam. Let me explain.” I looked toward the dressing rooms, where Cher was trying on a shirt that she saw, then towards the men’s clothing section, where Steve stood looking for […]

Chronicle: Chapter 1

I attempted to open my eyes, but they felt like they were pumped full of lead. When I finally did get them open, I saw a figure sitting by my feet. I blinked a little bit to clear my vision, and the person got clearer. It was a guy. He had dark skin and hair, […]