If Monday were a Person

Monday is the emo child in my group of friends. They are always bitter and angry no matter what day of the week it is. They are unhappy with the world and everyone figures it’s because they have to wake up at five in the morning every morning to go to work. They just want […]

Chronicle: Prologue

It was my birthday, and I wasn’t expecting much. My best friend had decided to wake me up by ringing me early in the morning. . . three in the morning to be exact. “Hello?” I asked with a groan. “Kamrynn!” I held the phone away from my ear and winced. “What do you want, […]

The Book Of The Ancients

                            By: Admin C Chapter 1: and so it began In the beginning there was nothing except the void. The void was purest black, lifeless and desolate. The void was larger than anything conceivable, wider and longer than infinity, and on either […]

If Sunday were a Person

Sunday is definitely the mom friend. She is the one to go to for advice or if you just want to be pampered. She usually keeps everything in order unless she has work to do, which she usually puts off until the last minute, but still gets it done?? On the off chance that she […]